RiniKini at Splash Paris Trade Show

During the last weekend of June, we exhibited at our first ever trade show. And what a weekend it was! Splash Paris showcases luxury swimwear brands from across the world to premium buyers and was held on the banks of the River Seine at the Port Des Champs Elysees. We were there – turning heads, getting a huge amount of attention, and as we do everywhere – spreading the RiniKini love!

Splash Paris

Rinikini splash paris

Splash Paris is a little different to other swimwear tradeshows because it’s a much smaller and more intimate affair. There are no closed stands featuring props likes palm trees and imported sand which means it’s very open and accessible to all. In fact, it puts the product centre stage – this is just perfect for RiniKini because the workmanship and attention to detail that goes into our handmade crochet bikinis are best appreciated when seen up close.

There were some extremely prestigious buyers there from some of the biggest international retailers and labels including Bloomingdales, Harrods, Net-a-Porter, Matches and Saks 5th Avenue. These highly experienced individuals are seeking out designs that will keep their stores exciting and fresh for their customers. They’re looking for innovation, exclusivity and most importantly the wow factor! That why the brands that were exhibiting at Splash Paris such as Elizabeth Hurley, JETS, Heidi Klein, La Reveche, Mara Hoffman and of course, RiniKini had been carefully curated by the organisers to deliver exactly that.

Making an impact

Rinikini gift boxes splash paris

To give the buyers a taste of the craftsmanship that goes into our bikinis we prepared 30 beautiful presentation boxes that were sent out before the show. Each contained a bikini from our collection, a gorgeous flower posy and details on how to get in touch. The response from those who received one was lovely and certainly helped us to generate much positivity before we’d even set foot in Paris.

Our 2018 Collection

rinikini collection 2018

We were proud to show off our 2018 collection that we’ve been working on for the last 12 months. It builds on our signature pieces of handmade crochet swim and beachwear, but introduces a greater choice of shapes, embroidery embellishment, new vibrant colours and flower prints. It’s complemented with a range of sarongs, skirts, shorts and kaftans. It’s very exciting to show these new creations to a wider audience – especially when the feedback was as enthusiastic and kind as what we received at the show.

The shape of things to come

Rinikini splash paris stand

We had a brilliant time at Splash Paris and we’re sure to have secured many great opportunities including new outlets to join the other 50+ boutiques that we partner with across the world. We’ll certainly be going to more shows like this in the future.

The RiniKini brand is really beginning to flourish as we spread our values of femininity and luxury that are deeply rooted in the enjoyment of life, love and inner spirituality. Thank you so much for joining us for the ride!

If you’d like to see our current collection please check out our online store.

Much love, Rinat xxx


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