Thanks to our wonderful collaborators

From the very first day of our Rinikini journey, we have been overwhelmed by the support from friends, family and other talented creatives who have given so much time and positive energy. As we grow, the support continues and we are, for that, grateful Every. Single. Day! We are inspired by so many talented people out there so to be able to work together and combine our expertise is an absolute dream. In this blog post we wanted to call out just a few of the people who we have loved getting to know and working with over the last year.


Rinikini osquare

This Dutch duo are absolutely stunning and their work, as you might expect, is a true treat for the eyes. Travel, Fashion and Lifestyle bloggers, their content transports us to what we believe heaven must look like; candy coloured hues and sunny views. Rinikini is lucky enough to have been featured on their blog and social channels a number of times but here are a few of our favourite shots.

More Swimwear

Moreswimwear Rinikini

It’s a privilege to find people who love swimwear as passionately as we do. We live and breathe all things beachy, and we think we might have find our soulmate in the stunning Vanessa Tomasic. We tend to think of this gorgeous girl as a freak to nature, in the best way. A wife, mother of three and the writer of a successful blog, she still manages to look like a goddess. Kudos to you. Vanessa recently helped us celebrate our first birthday. We hope we stay BFFs forever!

Moments of Yugen

rinikini moments of yugen

What’s life about if it’s not having fun with the people we love most?! Moments of Yugen do just that. They document everything from travelling experiences to joys, fears and thoughts. We admire their brilliant humour and quirky approach to telling their story and feel very privileged to have been even a small part of that!

Taryn Davis

Rinikini Taryn

Taryn epitomises the RiniKini Girl. She is the ultimate free spirit; ‘an earth loving, vegan eating, yogi gal who is usually always barefoot.’ She cares profusely about her world, physically and emotionally. She appears to be entirely at peace with herself and she embraces travel, exercise, music, food, style and spirituality in a way that inspires us. Check out her Instagram.

Christian Florin

We were so excited to receive an email earlier this year from Christian asking for our permission to do an entire photo shoot with his lovely friend @gabrielle.diaz in our ‘rad pieces’. Of course, without hesitation, our answer was yes! Christian is extremely talented and has a wonderfully unique style, mixing landscapes, architecture and strong silhouettes. Check out the beautiful pictures they took!

For anyone who is inspired by these talented people, and would also like to work with us, feel free to get in touch. Until then, we’d absolutely love to see how, where and when you wear your Rinikinis, so get sharing Ladies! Use #Rinikinigirl on social so we don’t miss your posts.

With Love,

Rinat xx


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