Monthly Archives: December 2015

In our beach bag: Ibiza

Excuse me for repeating myself but I love the beach so SO much! Any beach; sandy, rocky, remote, busy, privet, public, with family, by myself… Thailand, Miami, Santa Monica, Santorini… every beach has its own beauty, its own story and its own spirit. When planning what to put in your beach bag you really have […]

On shoot with Rinikini: Behind the scenes

The last few months have been a whirlwind. When you finally start making your biggest dreams happen, its an amazing feeling; excitement, nerves, passion. For this pleasure, I have to thank my brother, Tomer, who suggested we start Rinikini together. We’ve always been best friends and our strengths compliment each other, so I was over […]

RiniKini first collection: Handmade crochet bikinis

70’s style was great, no? Classic bohemian styles, ultra-cool crop tops, flares and fringing, is it any wonder it’s come back in such a big way? Back then, I was a little girl and LOVED boho chic style! I was too young to understand what fashion was but I knew that I loved to look […]