Spring 2019 collection: Creative trip to Delhi

We make a few creative trips to Delhi each year and fly out every season to check in on our Rinikini designs; develop new swimwear shapes; and decide on future season’s creative direction. Because we work so closely with our brilliant Delhi-based factory, the spirited Indian capital is a very special place to us and visits there always unearth new and unexpected sources of design inspiration alongside a bounty of new fabrics and textures to explore.

Our most recent visit was a deep-dive exploration into the bikinis and swimsuits we’ve been busy developing for our Spring 2019 range (launching in November). It’s so invigorating to animate our designs when in Delhi as we connect with the fabrics, and watch the Rinikini bikinis and one-pieces we know inside out, get created right in front of our eyes.

Delhi is an intoxicating city and these research trips are always intense. Amongst the production we also fit in a lot of fabric and trim markets, arrange endless fittings and make time to sketch new ideas that always come at us with so much surrounding dynamism. It’s a whirlwind, and we usually end up laughing and crying all the time. Mostly it’s magic and we’ll be hugging each other with joy as we see our dreams and designs work out just how we planned.

We kicked off our most recent trip with a visit to the fabric markets. Whether it’s patterns hanging on locally woven textiles or the colours and textures seen on the piles of trims, tassels beads and decorations heaped all over, it’s so easy to tap into Delhi’s creative brilliance. The textile markets offer a wealth of different prints, handmade embroideries, decorations and so many different crafts to explore. We spend hours wandering around all the shops and stalls, picking out things we love and buying samples and cuttings to save for future inspiration. As a shared passion these trips are a total heaven for us.

Armed with new finds we set off to visit our factory team and start working with them on fresh ideas. It’s incredible collaborating with the highly-skilled team and whilst their work is so traditional and meaningful; the skill and dexterity within which they can bring our designs to life is fascinating. Interwoven into all Rinikini swimwear are these people’s attention to detail and dedication to their craft. It takes many hours of meticulous hand stitching to get new designs looking just right, but much of the impact of these Delhi trips comes from seeing new (and old) bikinis and swimsuits in production.

Living across two different countries and continents (Rinat lives in England; Nataly in Israel) means that most days we start our mornings with overseas phone calls, messages and emails. In Delhi it’s so nice to just spend a whole week together – enjoying the creative space it gifts us and finding new insights and affirmations within it for our shared passions.

Wondering what the outcome of this most trip was and what the Spring 2019 Rinikini collection will bring? Well, we’ve got a few teasers for you. Our new collection places an extra special focus on handmade crystal beading, golden crochets and laser-cut embroideries as well as some innovative new cuts and shapes for Rinikini’s bras, pants and one-piece swimsuits. We can’t wait to share the new designs with you in full, very soon.

Until then, here’s a very special preview for you. 

Before leaving Delhi we couldn’t resist a short photoshoot session set against the brilliant backdrop and historical architecture of Leela Palace’s 11th floor rooftop pool. The lush natural greenery and dazzling waters makes this one of Delhi’s most in-demand photoshoot locations and the ornate atmosphere is the perfect accompaniment to the brand new Venus swimsuit we designed together the night before. This bold, handcrafted one-piece is shear and super feminine – a real masterpiece and feel-good emblem of Rinikini’s carefree spirit. Nataly looks beautiful as we shoot and the swimsuit radiates positive poolside energy. Keep an eye out for it when it launches alongside other styles in next summer’s collection.

We’re back home now and our new Rinikini resort range will launch in about six weeks. We hope you enjoy it.

Lots of love,

Rinat & Nataly