Five great spring escapes with the RiniKini sisters

With International Womens Day and Women’s History Month both falling in March, we couldn’t think of a better time to celebrate our stronger-than-ever RiniKini sisterhood by planning some sweet spring escapes in the style of some of our favourite RiniKini girls.

2018 is going to be a very exciting year for us with an awesome new collection in the pipeline and a very exciting creative partnership with our friend and inspiring Israeli model, Nataly Dadon. And so, at a time of year that’s all about independent and empowered women making their mark, here’s five RiniKini girls and their favourite spring getaways.

Pack your bikini, assemble the crew and let’s rule from one of the following locations…

Karlie →Ibiza

At RiniKini we’re all about creating clothing for women who rule their own worlds which is exactly what the Karlie bikini symbolises. The handcrafted crochet design is an ode to being who you want to be; letting go of everything; and walking around without a care in the world which makes Ibiza -a place discovered during the hippy years of the 60s and 70s- its go-to holiday destination.

The Balearic island used to be a haven for beatniks wearing flowers in their hair, and with Karlie’s organic floral design finished with handmade cut-work embroidery the island’s free-spirited history is brought right up to date.

In the north (away from the parties) you’ll find rugged cliff tops and secluded beaches alongside sprawling pine-tree forests, craggy hills and olive groves. By day the small towns are the perfect places to rummage through bohemian markets, and at night you can eat out under the stars surrounded by gorgeous gardens and citrus groves.

Yasmeen →Monaco

Go glam or go home. Nataly Dadon rocks The Yasmeen bikini’s high octane, metallic glamour look which makes it the perfect fit for soaking up the rays on Monaco’s Larvotto Beach.

This microstate on the French Riviera is famous for a luxurious lifestyle and some of the best views on the Côte d’Azur. Running through the heart of it is Avenue Princesse Grace – a street built by Prince Rainier of Monaco for his Hollywood actress wife, Grace Kelly, in honour of her favourite view.

And with such a glamorous history, it’s no surprise you’ll be in stylish company on Larvetto Beach and harbour which runs the length of this famous boulevard, stretching out into the crystal clear waters between France and Italy. The chic location is a knockout match with the Yasmeen bikini’s handcrafted lilac ties and silver panelling which create the ultimate head-turner look – perfect for climbing on board a local yacht!

Alexi →Bali

There’s no place on the planet more perfect for the Alexi bikini’s vibrant tropical print than Bali’s floral-scented paradise tucked away in the middle of the Indian Ocean. This island haven is all about soothing your soul with good food, spiritual wellness and tons of love for mother earth – a dream pairing with Alexi’s botanical influences.

Bali has everything on offer: Emerald rice paddies, silver beaches, lucious flora and fauna, tropical fruit, coral reefs and volcanic mountains – a total sensory assault of colours and textures. And Alexi’s natural khaki colour is complemented by a sister style – the Eva bikini – which features the same lush organic design in luminous shades of pastel pink, lilac, coral and purple.

Alexi and Eva are a dream fit for strong and spiritual females, and with these in your luggage you’ll twin with Bali’s many breathtaking backdrops whilst living harmoniously with the natural world.

Angelina →Maldives

With golden trims set against muted ivory panels and intricate handmade crochet edges the Angelina bikini demands a 360 degree, sun-soaked panorama to match its tanned look. Where else for a holiday then, but the stunning white-sand beaches and all-year paradise of the Maldives?

Alongside the white-gold sands scattered all over the islands, the Maldives also offers a range of nature’s treasures made only with the best materials – diamond-clear waters, turquoise trims and sparkling sunsets all framed by flourishing curtains of palms.

And that’s not all. While island life might sound idyllic the atoll is also known as “nature’s sunken garden” with some of the most vibrant coral reefs in the world on show just meters below the water’s surface. Grab your goggles and dive down to discover a once-in-a-lifetime underwater world complete with dolphins, sea turtles and tropical fish.

Maya →Morocco

Sewn into the Maya bikini’s handmade crochet design is a storybook bursting with North African and Mediterranean crafts.

And whilst beaches might not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think of Morocco, the country actually boasts miles of beautiful coastline which enviably borders both the Mediterranean and Atlantic seas. A trip here combines azure colours, centuries-old souks, and a tradition of craftsmanship which is still highly valued in Moroccan culture.

After a day spent in the sun head to the local markets for antique finds and hidden treasures. Specialties range in each city: Fes is well known for its leather and pottery, Casablanca for its art scene, Marrakech for it’s contemporary designs and Essaouira for its wonderful Argan oil. You’ll need an extra suitcase to fit everything in.

Morocco is a special destination for the Maya bikini. We designed it with ethnic tiles, sky-blue waters and Mediterranean jades in mind which means a trip here is part holiday and part homecoming. We hope this handcrafted history is as special to you as it is for us.

Stay tuned to the Rinikini shop as well as our blog, Instagram and Facebook for some exciting news these coming months. And if you’re making sunny plans we hope you have the best time with lots of love for mother earth.

Much love,

Rinat xx


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