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One of my greatest pleasures as a designer is to see the appreciation of our range of handcrafted crochet bikinis and beachwear from around the world, and our Instagram feed is a great example this. I am so excited and happy to see how quickly we have managed to spread the RiniKini love across the continents of Europe, America, Asia, Australasia and Africa. This growth has been helped hugely by working closely with some of the most prestigious boutiques and stores and their owners. These boutiques have been carefully selected to be able to deliver the essence of our brand as well their commitment to providing a unique shopping experience for their customers.

We love our retailers because each of them has their own unique story to tell of how they’ve built their reputation through hard work, dedication and listening to what their customers truly want. They’re as passionate about what they do as we are so we asked them if they would give us, in their own words, a little flavor of their much beloved boutiques and stores.

We partner with over 50 boutiques in some amazing places. Cities such as London, Amsterdam and Tel Aviv, and holiday destinations such as Greece,The  Bahamas, Eilat, Miami, California and Abersoch in lovely Wales. In fact, too many to feature all of them in one blog so we’ll cover a few every couple of months to give you a delightful taste of each.

Coastal Culture, Abersoch, Wales

RiniKini in Coastal Culture, Abersoch, Wales
RiniKini in Coastal Culture, Abersoch, Wales

Established in 2010 by owner Katrina Lamb, Coastal Culture was created from a passion for beautiful swimwear and finding that ‘perfect’ beach outfit! Based in the gorgeous coastal village of Abersoch in North Wales, we bring together a stunning collection of some of the best swimwear, resort wear & beachwear accessories from around the globe to create a one stop holiday shop!

Katrina has over 15 years’ experience in the swimwear industry and loves nothing more than finding stunning swimwear from incredible designers like Rinat at Rinikini and bringing it to our little corner of paradise in the Welsh Riviera!

Our customers love coming into Coastal Culture and finding something that they don’t find on the UK high street. They love the vast array of swimwear styles and brands like Rinikini that they can try on in our vibrant, relaxed and welcoming environment. They know they will receive a full fitting experience and style advice from one of the ‘Coastal Girls’ and leave with a bikini or swimsuit that looks great and fits perfectly for their holidays. In short, Coastal Culture is Bikini heaven! ?

Sketch Boutique, Mykanos, Greece

The Fleur at Sketch Boutique, Mykanos

Sketch opened in April 2014 in the heart of the beautiful Grecian island of Mykonos. From the very start our clients loved our store because we offered them a superb selection of products – many of them are handmade, original and luxurious.

This outstanding range is handpicked from the best markets and showrooms from around the world giving them a limited-edition exclusivity seen rarely elsewhere. We also stock a great variety of established high-end luxury brands and you’ll also find some fabulous accessories such as perfumes, candles and books.

We’re the newest fashion pop up in Mykonos for our clientele to indulge themselves in the ultimate fashion experience!


Turquoise Boutique, Eilat, Israel

RiniKini range in Turquoise, Eilat

The busy city of Eilat on the Red Sea in Israel has been home to luxury boutique Turquoise for 20 years. We were originally located on the beach promenade but have recently relocated to our new premises at Royal Garden La Boulevard.

We offer luxury swimwear brands from all over the world in addition to carefully selected pieces that are truly unique from Israeli and foreign designers. This range includes morning and evening wear, jewelry, straw bags and hats, and many other special accessories. Our reputation is based on luxury, quality and above all professional customer service and personal communication.

Our customers return again and again including those that holiday in Eilat. They love the store and know that if they are looking for something truly special – then Turquoise is the place to find it.



Splash Shop, USA & Bahamas

Splash Shop, Miami

Our first store was opened about 8 years ago in sunny Bimini in the Bahamas by owner Beatriz Reyez. Our small island boutique offered uniquely selected vacation wear and it was only a matter of time before our brand grew. With the success of our Bimini location and our worldwide loyal customers, we eventually gained enough traction and momentum to open another store front in Miami, Florida as well as an online store SHOP SPLASH.

We pride ourselves on stocking a carefully curated selection of clothing and accessories that are unique to our Miami customers and carry high quality items that speak to their style. By giving a one on one personal service both in-store and online we create a family feel to provide an overall shopping experience rather than a simple store transaction.

Our curated selection has expanded just as quickly as our business has grown and we are now one of the top local boutiques to offer everything from bikinis to high end gowns. From tanning oils to RTW from top designers Shop Splash customers join a comforting environment of positive energy, refreshing style and love. Every day feels like a vacation at Splash.


This is just a small selection of some of the lovely retailers who are helping to spread the RiniKini love. One thing that we all have in common is our that we’re all dedicated to bringing you, our customers, stunning swimwear and accessories that are truly special.

So, if you live close to one of our retailers, or you’re on your holidays there, go and check them out. You won’t be disappointed and they’re sure to make you feel very welcome!

With love,

Rinat xx


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