RiniKini’s Creative Journey

With RiniKini’s 2018 Spring Collection due out very soon I thought it might be a nice time to share my creative journey with you that brings a new set of designs to life. For our new collection, I’ve drawn inspiration from many of things that I dearly love such as flowers and nature. This works perfectly with what’s on trend on the catwalk – botanical themes and living in harmony with the natural world. Embroidery is another season favourite, which is perfect for me, so combining these two has been a dream come true.

rinikini embroidery

Creating a mood board

The first part of the process is to put all my ideas onto a mood board that acts as a catalyst to fire up my creative juices. It can include anything that I find stimulating such as cuttings from magazines, collectables discovered in flea markets, silk flowers from an interior shop and designs from the catwalk. Quite simply, anything that gets my imagination running wild.

rinikini flowers

Bringing my designs to life

Next I start sketching – I truly adore this part of the creative journey because it’s the pinnacle of what I do as a designer and it’s where the magic happens! This part of the process is both therapeutic and healing – it’s what I live for. My hand drawings give birth to colour combinations, and different shapes and cuts, to create something that is original, aspirational and authentic.

rinikini sketches

Turning drawings into reality

I then start the process of making mock ups and prototypes to bring the designs to life. What looks great on paper might be impractical for production in the volumes we require to serve our customers across the globe, so I work closely with our manufacturing teams to trial the styles. Eventually after a huge amount of hard work, mutual collaboration and creative flair the finished bikinis are ready to unleash upon the world!

Here’s a sneak peek at The Karlie and The Lily that will be coming to the RiniKini Spring 2018 Collection next year.

The Karlie

rinikini the karlie

For The Karlie I have used intricate handmade cut-work embroidery on the bra and lace up pants with tassels at the side ties. giving the bikini a lingerie styling. By using an organic floral design in luminous pastel shades I’ve tried to achieve a soothing, graceful and elegant look.

The Lily

rinikini the lily

For The Lily, the handmade embroidered fluorescent flowers practically glow against the black panels, my aspirations are for a design that is both luxurious and sophisticated. The Skimpy pants are a new shape for 2018 and are cut low on the hip for a cheekier style.

I’m so excited about my new creations hitting our online store and in the many chic swimwear boutiques that stock RiniKini. After all the hard work that goes into creating a new collection, seeing my bikinis being worn, and enjoyed, by #RiniKinigirl brings me nothing but joy and happiness!

Much love,

Rinat xx


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