Our Story

RiniKini is a designer swimwear brand. Each of our products is individually made by hand, and is crafted very carefully with a great deal of love and attention, so every single item is unique and like no other.

Our story began in 2015 when Creative founder Rinat Golan with her free-spirited energy and 20 years swim design experience started work on her own range of handcrafted bikinis with the intention to create timeless, beautiful beachwear.  Her desire was to produce a collection that would be appreciated for the detailed crafting of the pieces, as well as instilling confidence in every girl who wore it.

In 2017 Rinikini reached out to the hugely popular Israeli model – Nataly Dadon. Nataly has a great passion for style and fashion.  She has her own unique chic elegance that complemented the brands own spirit – this was a match made in heaven.  Nataly joined Rinikini as joint owner and designer and together with Rinat created the latest collection, as well as becoming the face and body of the brand.  She is a true RiniKini muse!

RiniKini taps into that sense of romance, beauty and freedom that so compliments the female spirit. RiniKini brings the spirit of life, wherever you are. We want to be part of the vibrant, expressive you that emerges on holiday or on a beautiful summer day.

Stay on holiday forever

With love
RiniKini xx