Our Story

RiniKini is a designer swimwear brand. Each of our products is individually made by hand, and is crafted very carefully with a great deal of love and attention, so every single item is unique and like no other.

The RiniKIni story starts on the coast of Israel where I was brought up. From a very early age I spent as much as time as possible playing on the beautiful sandy beaches of the Mediterranean Sea, truly admiring the freedom, scent and colours of the beach.

My passion for craftsmanship, colour and artisans led me to focus of studying fashion and textile. I’ve now had a career spanning twenty years designing swimwear for some of the world’s best known fashion retailers. This time has been hugely rewarding but my desire has always been to create a beach lifestyle brand that was my own.

This is why RiniKini was born - it’s a dream come true! Never have I been happier immersing myself creating bikinis that are truly feminine and ultimately luxurious - their designs draw influences from all of the things that I cherish – the wonderful world of nature, global crafts, the ocean and of course, the beach.

When you slip one on – I want you to feel empowered, confident and happy.

The future is bright for RiniKini – we’re evolving new designs, adding new products and perhaps most importantly, our bikinis are being discovered and worn by girls all over the world who appreciate their exquisite quality and sensational style.

Join us and help to spread the Rinikini love.

Rinat xx