Life is about the moments that matter. We work very hard, so going on vacation or down to the beach is important to help us be free and express ourselves in ways that make us feel comfortable. That’s what Rinikini is all about – being yourself and feeling good with it. Whether it’s sexy, chilled or festive, the core of Rinikini is staying true to yourself.

At Rinikini, we understand that wearing swimwear means you are exposed, literally, more than usual. We want to help you express yourself in these moments and make sure you feel safe and stylish whilst doing so. Through our wide collection of high-end bikinis, swimsuits and beachwear we offer you many ways to turn moments that matter into experiences and lasting memories that exist either in the mind or on social media.

With our unique designs, luxurious fabrics, special handmade techniques, and a wide variety of the latest styles there are many ways for you to express your inner spirit. Our quality products are offered at affordable prices and come with first-class customer service as well as a secure online shopping experience.

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