Tel Aviv Fashion week

Tel Aviv Fashion Week kicked-off on Sunday and we’re incredibly excited to tell you all about how RiniKini made its international catwalk debut at the opening gala amongst some of Israel’s most inspiring designers.

Both of us have had long histories of presenting beautiful products on international catwalks but this was the first time either of us had ever showcased our own personal brand. The occasion symbolises a dream come true for us both, and it’s something we feel incredibly blessed to have achieved together.

In honour of the special occasion we set ourselves the task of designing a one-of-a-kind swimsuit and accompanying maxi kaftan to present on the runway. Our design vision was to create an elegant and sophisticated look uniting RiniKini’s individuality with our high-quality touches. As Nataly stepped out onto the runway looking like the visual embodiment of our dream, the sense of euphoria was amazing.

Inspiration and getting creative

High up in our design inspiration was the idea of a glorious sun goddess who shimmered with strength and spiritual force. Through our initial sketches we played around with incorporating nourishing sun rays and golden radiance into the catwalk design, and as our ideas started to take shape with all these different elements at play, we turned our focus to RiniKini’s trademark crafted workmanship by adding our brand new swimsuit stones, beads and jewels to the glimmering and beautifully rich design.

As an extra finishing touch we also created a maxi kaftan made of embroidered lace and golden silk. Together the luxurious look is packed full of positive energy which symbolises the start of a new creative beginning for RiniKini.


In the hours before the gala we had a lot of fun getting ready and putting all the finishing touches to Nataly’s goddess-like appearance. With golden makeup and a chic celestial hairstyle we wanted every last detail to be the incarnation of our divine vision. It was an amazing time for us as we put together all of our energy into making something very magical. We couldn’t be happier with the finished look.

Alongside all the fun there was also a lot of work to do though! Tel Aviv Fashion Week is famous for putting Israeli designers in the world spotlight and as the only swimwear brand to present at the event’s opening gala there was an added layer of very welcome attention on us. We had the opportunity to meet a lot of new friends as well as press and journalists all keen to hear about RiniKini’s plans. And amongst all the new faces we also had the opportunity to catch up with old friends as the glitterati of Israel’s fashion industry came together for an amazing evening celebrating the country’s best designers. For an added touch of old-school glamour the whole event was sponsored by Pandora’s new SHINE range meaning we were all dressed in glorious gold and silver outfits.

Amongst the lustrous sparkle that settled in Tel Aviv on Sunday night we saw our dreams become a reality as RiniKini took its first step in an exciting new direction. Tel Aviv Fashion Week was a dream realised and a milestone achievement for our brand. But, much more than that, it was an evening of amazing creative unity we’ll never forget!

Lots of love,

Rinat & Nataly


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