Our favourite beach muses

I feel lucky everyday to work in an industry where I can take inspiration from such beautiful subjects. Today, I’m thinking about my current favourite beach muses. From sunkissed salty locks to boho style, we’ve done a roundup of some of the girls we look to for inspiration on a daily basis:

Sally Mustang


A drifter and a dreamer; this beautiful lady manages to mix her carefree attitude, love of nature and sexy style to create something totally unique. Yes, she is gorgeous but most importantly we are inspired everyday by her creative and free spirited approach to, it seems, just about everything. Her gorgeous sun kissed locks and bronzed skin are what beach days are all about.

Halley Elefante


Living in O’hau, Halley’s appears to live the dream. Sun for most of the year and idyllic surroundings, we would love to walk a few weeks in her shoes! Strolling down to the beach in a flowing wrap dress, denim cut offs or an oversize tee with a vibrant beach bag slung over her shoulder; her considered yet effortless outfits make Halley the ultimate beach babe.

Lili Koi


Lili is as close to mermaid as we believe it comes. Her angelic looks are fresh and authentic and her youthful and creative style sets her aside – most recently we saw her die her blonde mane bubblegum pink for Coachella, because why not!? Pink hair or not, she is a natural beauty and she is the definition of easy beach style.

Rocky Barnes


This Latino babe is one of the most followed beach muses out there and it’s easy to see why. As much of a fashionista as a beach babe, Rocky can embrace just about any look and make it look effortless. A true jet setter, she’s always in new exotic places and appears to embrace the local style and culture wherever she goes. Can we jump in your suitcase, Rocky?

Tia Blanco


We couldn’t do a beach muse roundup without talking about a surfer. Tia’s talent on the board means she gets to travel the world visiting some of the most wild and wonderful beaches out there in pursuit of big waves. When she isn’t owning the waves, she runs and practices yoga. She is and always has been vegan. If the prior are what it takes to master the beach, on and off shore, I’ll take a leaf out of Tia’s book any day.


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