RiniKini founder, Rinat Golan, reveals what inspires her fabulous bikini designs!

RiniKini’s founder and chief designer, Rinat Golan, has spent her working life immersed in the world of swimwear design. Here, she explains a little about her experience, her inspirations and her exciting plans for RiniKini in the future.


How long have you been involved in the swimwear industry?

I’ve been a swimwear designer for over 20 years and I’ve always worked for leading swimwear brands. In doing so I have travelled around the world looking for inspiration and working with other creatives on photoshoots, fashion shows and press events.

Why did you set up RiniKini?

My dream was to create a range of truly authentic products for the beach. I’ve started with an adored and desired bikini that a girl will fall in love with when she sees it for the first time. The bikinis are really exceptional – they’re pretty, stylish, elegant, detailed, crafty and considered. They’ve taken a long time to develop and to master the technique to actually create them. It’s a very special process that is unique to RiniKini.

What inspires you and how does this come across in your designs?

Most of my inspiration is drawn from my fascination with colours, prints and patterns. My travels around the world have introduced me to many wonderful cultures and their rich heritage. I’m always drawn to gorgeous local textiles, arts and crafts. I find it incredibly stimulating to see so many inspiring elements in this work.

I love mixing handmade craft and novelty cultural textile elements in my work and that is RiniKini’s main creative direction. I have a deep love of wild nature in its raw form and especially flowers; they are constantly filling me with inspiration. These things cheer me up, they trigger my curiosity and drive my creativity. I find nature super inspiring – flowers, blooms, forests, leaves, animal skins, water – the natural world is truly wonderful.

I am fascinated by colours – different colours affect my mood on a daily basis; bright optimistic colours make me feel free and cheerful, and I find myself attracted to vivid materials.

Rinat Golan


What are the plans for RiniKini in the future?

RiniKini is focused in creating a range of gorgeous beach lifestyle products and we will soon be releasing a high summer collection. The new styles are looking fantastic – they are as just as vibrant, intricate and pretty as the first collection. This high summer range will include some beachwear such as cover ups, a beach bag, a beach towel, a beach throw, flip flops and many more surprises!


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