Bucket list destinations: 2016

The beginning of the year is a time for planning; a time for setting new goals and dreams. Whether you dream of moving house, learning a new language or, like us, booking some new and exciting trips, we wish you the best of luck with your 2016 resolutions!

We find the hardest part is deciding which ideas to prioritise and for us, this year (like most years), we’ve picked travel – after all travel is supposed to be the only thing you buy that makes you richer, isn’t it?! But where to go? After much thought, we’ve listed our top 10 bucket list destinations around the world for 2016. See you there?!

1. Cuba:


Where else? 2015 was a huge year for the country and with relations with the US restored, we’re sure Cuba will see a lot of changes in the years to come. Whilst we hope this can only mean good things for the island, we want to visit it whilst it retains some of its traditional, unspoilt charm. We’ll be wearing as much colour as possible as we explore this vibrant country; our Chloe bikini will be perfect.

Where to stay: Paradisus Varadero
Our favourite beach: Varadero beach

2. Montenegro:


This country is tiny (less than 100km in height), but it’s size is no reflection on its offerings. Quite the opposite, actually. We’ll be going for the incredibly beautiful beaches but the country is full of mountains, canyons, and stunning ancient towns too. We love the Balkan coast and cannot wait to get back into the refreshing clear blue water. This small but stunning piece of coastline calls for glamorous attire so we’ll be wearing none other than Fleur, our stunning gold and purple bikini.

Where to stay: Palazzo Radomiri
Our favourite beach: Jaz Beach

3. Aruba:

A Caribbean island off the coast of Venezuela, Aruba is blessed with glowing turquoise waters and sand that could give icing sugar a run for its money. Where better to catch some winter rays? The weather is good here from late January to late October. With icing sugar fine sand, this island calls for delicate and feminine styles, we’ll be wearing our Zoe bikini.


Where to stay: Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort
Our favourite beach: Eagle beach

4. Sri Lanka:


For it’s incredible food, culture, landscapes and of course coastline, the little island off the southern coast of India is high on our list of place to visit. Sri Lanka offers something for everyone and after visiting the country’s ruins, national parks, mountains and palaces; you’ll find us lying horizontal on Tangelle Beach. Its bright green palms and beautiful waters are the perfect backdrop for our fun and feminine Annabelle bikini.

Where to stay: Anantara Peace Haven
Our favourite beach: Tangelle beach

5. Goa:


A hub for hippies in the 70’s, Goa has retained its carefree and ultra-cool vibe whilst developing its luxury offering. Once a colony of Portugal, the influence can still be seen today in architecture, cuisine and lifestyle attitudes. We’re desperate to do a yoga retreat here! When we aren’t in a sun salutation pose we’ll be lying horizontally under the sun in our Annabelle bikini.

Where to stay: Casa Colvale
Our favourite beach: Colva beach

6. Costa Rica:

This stunning country is offers everything from cloud forests and incredible surf to amazing wildlife. The vast majority of the country is boarded by beautiful ocean, Caribbean on one side and pacific on the other. We’ll be heading to the Nicoya Peninsula on the pacific side. In a country with such incredible nature, we will be wearing as many floral pieces as we can, so our Chloe is just perfect.


Where to stay: Pranamar Villas & Yoga Retreat
Our favourite beach: Tortuga Isla

7. Sardinia:

You can’t beat a Mediterranean holiday and Sardinia plays host to some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. With so many charming Mediterranean beaches to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice but we’ll be planting our bottoms on Cala Goloritze in our confident and uber-cool Angelina bikini.


Where to stay: Lanthia Resort
Our favourite beach: Cala Goloritze

8. Copenhagen:

Not the typical beach spot, but a brilliant place for a weekend getaway and with the added bonus of a beautiful beach just 3 miles outside the city centre, we must try it out! When in Scandinavia, do as the Scandinavians do… this means refining our holiday wardrobe to a neutral colour palette; Angelina is just perfect.


Where to stay: Hotel Nimb
Our favourite beach: Amage Standpark

9. Greece:
Greece is one of our favourite countries, whether on the mainland or one of its many stunning islands, this wonderful country rarely disappoints. This year we’re going to be heading to the beautiful island of Spetses. A ferry ride away from Athens, the whitewashed island of Spetses is about as traditional as it gets. With hardly any cars on the island, transport tends to be either a quad bike or horse drawn carriage. We’ll be dressing in simple, feminine styles while we’re here; our Zoe bikini is perfect for a Greek holiday.


Where to stay: Poseidonion Grand Hotel
Our favourite beach: Agia Marina

10. Ibiza:

Technically this isn’t a new trip but it has made it onto our bucket list because how could it not? What would a summer be without a little trip to the much-loved Balearic isle!? In this world famous party island, our Fleur bikini promises to make you shine brighter than anyone else and will score you points with the many fashionistas that holiday there.


Where to stay: Atzaro
Our favourite beach: Las Salinas


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