RiniKini in India

I love India’s textile markets. All you other textile and colour obsessives out there will know what I mean when I say it is quite literally heaven on earth. Handmade embroideries, vivid prints, bright pompoms trims, sequins… there is nowhere else in the world I would go to find such a wealth of caftmanship.

I can promise you that RiniKini swimwear will always be just as colourful and vivid as India’s ever-inspiring textile markets. Tomer, my brother, and I did our first development trip to India few months ago. We wondered around the old city’s textile market on a mission to take as many photos and buy as many inspiring samples that would inform Rinikini’s next collection!


With both our bangs and memory cards full of endless inspiration, our next stop was our factory to visit our wonderful development team. We spent hours together sharing our inspiration and turning my delicate prototype bikinis into a quality handcrafted product that is fit for sale; they are comfortable, reliable and flattering. It was hugely important to me that we managed to retain the authenticity and individuality of our product. I’m over the moon that every Rinikini bikini will get the love and attention it deserves.


A bikini with love woven into each and every seam has to be a good thing!? The beginning of 2016 is all about getting our heads down and focusing on getting these beauties ready for you lovely ladies, wherever you are in the world!

For now, have a fab 2016.

Lots of love



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