RiniKini first collection: Handmade crochet bikinis

70’s style was great, no? Classic bohemian styles, ultra-cool crop tops, flares and fringing, is it any wonder it’s come back in such a big way? Back then, I was a little girl and LOVED boho chic style! I was too young to understand what fashion was but I knew that I loved to look and feel pretty.


Crochet is one of the hottest trends for SS16. From the catwalk to the coast, the craft is popping up everywhere this year. I saw this as my cue, and secretly started playing with yarns I had in my wild and wonderful craft box, seeing how I could develop and master the art of crochet and I loved the results so much, I decided to share them!

Following 20 year experience designing over 50 Million pieces of swimwear for the British High St, for brands including Marks and Spencer, Nexts and Gottex, I like to think I have a clear idea of what you want from your swimwear, so here it is… Of course, the style is what will stop you in your tracks, but what really matters is how it fits and how you feel wearing it. It must be flattering, comfortable and stylish, no? For this, I chose to mix handmade crochet with quality swimwear fabric. The crochet has a natural elasticity and the swimwear fabric makes these gorgeous bikinis flattering and fast-drying. Working with a variety of different yarns allowed me to play around with colour, pattern and texture and I was so excited about how they could be used to create different and unique finishes.



Ultimately, what I’m passionate about it traditional handcraft with a twist, and that’s the foundation I’ve built Rinikini on. This season I’m bringing you handmade crochet bikinis, but I have a so many exciting ideas to explore, and I would love your feedback so I can ensure our product is exactly what you’re looking for and more.



I want you to look and feel amazing in your Rinikini’s!

Love, Rinat x


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