Inject some colour into your life

Colour has a hugely influential effect on all of us. Our day to day interactions with colour shape our feelings by tapping into emotions that have been hardwired into our being. That’s why I adore using colour in my handmade crochet bikinis – it allows me to create designs that invoke a whole plethora of sentiments such as relaxation, femininity, prettiness and things like exotic holidays, open skies and shimmering seas. In this post, I’d like to share with you the colours that I have used in the RiniKini collection with a little bit of insight on why their different shades and hues are so on trend in 2017. Join me for a vibrant tour that explores the beautiful world of colour.


RiniKini Pink

Pink is perhaps one of the most clichéd colours of all. It’s long been associated with the stuff of fluff and the saccharine Barbie Girl dream…. but make no doubt it’s time to rethink pink! This is absolutely one colour that you need to keep on your radar because this spring and summer season is going to get an injection of powerful shades such as bright rose and fuchsia. It’s fresh, flirty and playful bringing a life and vitality to any design. This works perfectly on The Annabelle.


RiniKini Blue

If there’s a colour that’s guaranteed to make my heart sing – it’s blue! I love it with a passion and it’s the hot new colour this season with hues ranging from stark cobalt to crepuscular shades. It’s relaxing and calming but also makes a bold statement that is spiritually uplifting to lighten the soul. One of its tremendous qualities is that it complements any skin tone meaning that you don’t have to go on a sun-drenched holiday to Hawaii before you wear it. This striking colour features on The Camila, The Anna and The Chloe in various shades.


Rinikini Lilac

Lilac is a wonderfully bright and uplifting colour that strikes a perfect balance between femininity and modernity as it has a subtle electric charge to give it total vitality. Endlessly versatile it works particularly well when infused with chalky tones to provide a sharp edge that is a superb alternative to predictable pinks. Lilac makes a genuine statement and is the real deal for when you want to stand out from the crowd. I’ve used this lovely tone on The Fleur with the sun-bleached hues creating a design that is both fabulously fresh and funky.


RiniKini White

White is the colour of purity, innocence and light bringing a bright and invigorating start to the 2017 season. Endlessly enduring it simply never loses its appeal and is a pure and refined choice that acts as a refreshing palette cleanser whatever the design. Whenever I think of white I think of romance, gypsy free spirited love, bohemia and freshness – this is a colour that’s simplicity packs a real punch adding understated style and class to any look. The Lola typifies all that is positive about wonderful white.

It has to be said that a life without colour would be very dull indeed! Nothing taps into our most basic of instincts like this rich rainbow to inspire, stimulate and excite. Please check out our website to see the full RiniKini collection in all its colourful glory.

Lots of love

Rinat xx



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