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May I take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thanks for all the support in 2016 – it’s much appreciated and we’re looking forward to a terrific 2017 with our new collection of gorgeous handmade crochet bikinis.

What inspires my bikini designs are the beautiful things that I see around me such as bright colours, detailed prints and intricate patterns. I also seek inspiration from the natural world with glorious blooms and colourful flowers featuring in my work.

In this blog, our last of the year, I take a look at how flowers can be used to bring originality and vibrancy to some of the festive things that we get to see and enjoy at Christmas.

Blooming Christmas Trees


Decorating a Christmas tree with fresh flowers is a wonderful way to breathe new life into an old tradition that goes back hundreds of years. The result is both elegant and pretty whilst bringing freshness and vitality into your home. All of these designs are wonderfully unique, creative and natural.

Blooming Christmas Wreaths

Hanging a Christmas wreath on your front door is said to be an invitation to the spirit of Christmas to enter your home and bring good luck. What could be more welcoming than this lovely floral selection? You can use any type of flower but seasonal favourites include the fiery poinsettia, the classic paperwhite narcissi and intricate anemones in all shades. A neat idea is to coordinate your wreath using the same flowers that you have used on your Christmas tree to create natural harmony between the outside and inside of your home.

Blooming Christmas Gifts

For something that is truly personal a beautifully wrapped present is a delightful thing. I adore these gifts because they’re not only original they’re also extremely pretty adding handmade style to any present. The simplicity of some ribbon or string garnished with a fresh flower or bud undoubtedly elevates the simple act of giving to the ones you love.

Blooming Christmas Candle Displays

Candle displays add elegance and grace to any dinner table, sideboard or window sill. The combination of gently flickering light offset against leafy greens and vibrant red blooms or berries creates a homely and seasonal feel that is synonymous with the Yuletide. These beautifully handcrafted displays all have their inimitable style and are guaranteed to add cheer to any festive occasion.

Lots of Christmas Love

Rinat xx


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