RiniKini in the Press


The design of RiniKini’s beautiful handmade crochet bikinis is inspired by many influences such as the natural world, traditional ethnic culture and what is on trend in the fashion world. Our founder, Rinat Golan, knows everything there is to know about creating pieces that are not only stunningly intricate, they have a sophistication and refinement that is appreciated by girls all over the world.

The press and international fashion bloggers have been quick to embrace RiniKini’s uniqueness. We recently featured in Cosmopolitan magazine as one of the top bikinis to wear this summer.

RiniKini is built on years of industry leading swimwear design

A huge amount of time goes into creating our fabulous bikinis – Rinat starts with a germ of an idea that is slowly developed over many months. Sketches, handmade prototypes, samples and days of reworking are all part of the gradual evolution from the drawing board to the finished product.

Rinat uses her years of experience to offer you swimwear that is truly distinct yet wonderfully delicate and feminine. Her pedigree is unequalled and she has worked with many top brands adding panache and style to their swimwear collections.

Throughout her career, much of her work has been showcased in many publications. Please take a moment to browse this small selection below.